French Election: Mainstream Media Blackout on Sudden Death of Emmanuel Macron Surrogate

French Socialist Member of Parliament Corinne Erhel suddenly died while giving a speech two days ago on May 5th, 2017 after she collapsed on stage at a rally for Far-leftist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. She was a member of France’s En Marche! party that was founded by Investment Banker Macron in 2016 in preparation for his presidential bid against Marine Le Pen.

Le Pen is widely seen as the leader of the last bastions of liberty still defending France from the steady advance of Islamic terrorism as it continues its eerie, Nazi-like march across Europe assisted, some say unwittingly,  by Angela Merkel and outgoing President Hollande.

Although Ehrel’s death is a major event in the course of dozens of last minute events leading up to today’s election, it is still not being reported on by any main stream media news outlet as of Sunday, May 7, two days later, thus adding to a rapidly growing list of concerns, including potential tax evasion charges, arising from the troubled Macron campaign team just as the polls are set to open.

This story continues to be investigated. To stay up to date, keep this link bookmarked in your browser as events unfold during today’s critical election which portends to have a wide impact across the modern politically charged atmosphere.

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