The “Deep State”

Here is a short article, headlined on the front page of @CNN. Please review (opens in new tab):

FBI Director James Comey meets with Congress ‘Gang of Eight’

Director Comey meets with the Gang of Eight four or more time per year, to update them on current investigations. Hillary Clinton has alleged that Russia was interfering with the US Election processes and Mr. Schiff has taken up this serious claim and expressed a concern that Comey had been withholding information from the group.

President Donald J. Trump (Twitter: @realDonaldTrump) has expressed a claim that wiretaps and/or other surveillance techniques were employed during the 2016 election cycle.   He has asked Comey and the rest of the investigative team to include an investigation into this matter in their reports to the Gang of Eight. When we lay Clinton’s and Trump’s claim side by side, we see that neither side has offered evidence, preferring to wait for Comey to complete his investigation. We can accept this as normal practice and wait, observing that there are no laws or customs that imply that Clinton and Trump must supply evidence.

However, there seems to have arisen a concerted effort on the part of a large Anti-Trump contingent, that includes a cross-section of media correspondents, who simply take the position that Clinton’s claim has already been supported. They repeat this claim ad nauseam, literally twenty to thirty times per day, in each one of dozens of newscasts and internet articles such as the one referenced above.

We have used the term #FakeNews to describe this clear abandonment of journalistic integrity but as it turns out, this just seems to feed them on. Some people call this group, along  with Obama holdovers, the “Deep State” but perhaps that term gives them too much credit.

Their goal seems to include a wearing down of the American voter.  After all, if this is what you find greeting you on EVERY newscast and article, how can you avoid damage? The really good news is that we observe that the American voter has learned to take this in stride and that 54% of you are wishing the Media would let up and allow the investigations to continue without this ceaseless liberal hysteria. After all, Trump was fairly elected and deserves the chance to implement his policies and we have already seen remarkable progress on Jobs, Health Care  and a number of other initiatives in the first 60 days.

So, we are just going to conclude this article by calling out this phenomenon yet again.  They can call it “The Deep State” or “FakeNews”  or whatever they like, there is still no document at the end of the rainbow, no evidence at all.

In the meantime, as an electorate, we continue to become more fully informed and we know that, at the end of the day, these folks will calm down and come around and give our President the old college try he deserves.

After all, we are good people and we should be kind to them: they were shocked by Clinton’s failure.  And we all know that the reason for Clinton’s failure started with the publication of the #FakePolls that, on election night, turned out to really matter: people needed to get out to vote, fast, but it was suddenly too late. This was a harsh lesson to learn on a single election night but perhaps the one most needed to be learned by our nation at this point in time.

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