Statement of Faith

Welcome to The Publicate Blog. Our mission is to bring out the truth in media. My name is Carter Mobley. We start here with a review of Reza Aslan’s recent article available for review at the link given below.

Editor’s Note: Reza Aslan is the host of CNN’s new original series “Believer With Reza Aslan,” airing Sundays at 10 p.m. ET starting on March 5. I am citing Fair Use and quoting from his article at

Reza Aslan: And yet, in the end, faith is nothing more or less than a choice. You either believe there is something beyond the physical world (as I do), or you don’t.

As a scholar of faith (I want to know what faith is), I can state that Reza’s opinion is a statement of religion (and not a statement of faith) because it contains a positive suggestion of the existence of something that either can, cannot, or will not yet be defined. Thus there remains an element of “waiting for a shoe to drop,” pending receipt of such definition.  However I do not think that he intends for his statement to be understood as “weaponized.”  For more on this, see below.

Here is an example of a positive statement of faith:

Carter Mobley: I observe the physical world as an eternally existing, rapidly changing world.

With this statement, I am letting you know that I am going forward in life with this concept.  Note that I am not negating any of the following concepts:


All of those things might very well exist within the parameters of my statement of faith, and I want to know what all of these things are.  Note however that we have succeeded in positively negating, pending production of evidence, the following weaponized concepts:

Creator of Hell
Malevolent God
Punishing Maker
Infallible Book

There is a lot that we can learn from the Bible, the Quran, and the other books of religions. We  can evaluate their statements and emerge with the expressions of faith and peace that we will need as we go forward with each other in this world as well as the other worlds in our local galaxy, like Mars and  Europa.  In all events we will share expressions of benevolent beliefs, even if some of them are atheist in nature. Some of you might disagree and I would love to be involved in further, rational discussions.

If, for a few moments, you share my simple statement of faith, then when you observe existence you should see the same benevolence that I see and then, literally, like osmosis, the importation of water into your brain, you will have acquired the healing and the courage to shelve the books of religions that currently cause so much of your distress.

That statement was intended to introduce you to, or remind you of, the idea that books themselves are actual biological entities. You can think of them as pages of freeze-dried worm-type organisms.  You encounter them after birth and they feed ideas, like vines, right into your mind.  There, they might become rehydrated into actual repeating ideas, like songs or jingles. There is nothing to fear from this, it happens to every one of us.

However, some of you might have been unjustly restrained at a young age, well before you had attained sufficient education to evaluate what you were being compelled to read. Today, you might find yourself looking up from your books into the eyes, and the sad, gritting teeth, of oppression.

If this is true, stay silent and strong and continue to pretend belief until you can get to a safe place where you can come to a full stop and carefully consider what you have been told.  Then you and I will find a way to communicate. This might be the greatest statement of faith I can ever give to you.

I will conclude by quoting three more statements of religion from Reza’s article:

Reza Alsan: You either believe you are more than the sum of your material parts (as I do), or you don’t. (Failure to define or negate ‘material parts’).

Reza Aslan: You either believe in the existence of a soul (as I do), or you don’t.  (Failure to define or negate ‘soul’).

Reza Aslan: No one can prove or disprove these things, not any more than anyone can prove or disprove love or fear or any other human emotion.

As we have seen, we have already disproved all weaponized concepts, including ‘soul’ and ‘material parts,’ pending production of evidence. I state this in opposition to, but with great respect for Mr. Azlan’s scholarship, and I am wishing him well and looking forward to watching “Believer” at the time and place quoted above.

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